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Fun Soap Making Activity with Children for Valentine's Day

Damaris de los Santos

I enjoy finding opportunities where I can combine my passion for making soap and spending time with my children. This year I thought it would be a neat idea to make mini Valentine’s day soaps for my five year old daughter (a.k.a. Ladybug) and her school friends to use and enjoy during bath time. Ladybug has wanted to make soaps for a long time, and this was the perfect project for her to start with now that she was old enough to follow directions (though I can’t speak for her three year old “assistant” brother). The best kid-friendly soap making method we could use was the melt and pour (M&P) technique. I use the cold process method to make my soaps, which is not the safest method for young children to use. In fact, M&P is how I started in soap making until I graduated to formulating my own soap. We used a simple recipe from one of my favorite places to get soap supplies. Due to its wider selection and competitive pricing it’s a great resource for first timers and hobbyist alike. We then scented the kid’s soap with sweet orange essential oil and vanilla fragrance. The combination gave it a sweet creamsicle scent, and the kids loved it! Share some of your crafty Valentine's Day ideas.

They are ready to start soaping...can you see the enthusiasm in little man's face...ha!

Ladybug took this pic of me cutting the soap base. She did a pretty good job…don’t you think?

Ladybug is counting out the duckies while little man is placing the cut up soap in the Pyrex cup for me.

Melting the soap down in order to add fragrance and color.


Great thing about M&P soap is that it’s ready within a half an hour or so.


Here they are wrapped and ready to give to Ladybug’s friends.

Share some of your crafty Valentine's Day ideas.