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Bye Bye Cellulite

Damaris de los Santos

Massage oil for beauty in spa treatment.

Women of all ages and sizes battle with cellulite. A condition that affects over 80% of women is the underlying fat deposits found just beneath the skin giving it an unflattering dimpled and lumpy appearance. It’s most prevalent on the thighs and buttocks making going to the beach a stressful event for a lot of women. So what causes cellulite? It ranges from hormonal, genetics, and/or diet (All three for me!). The good news is, albeit temporarily, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite. In my search to find a remedy I came across a seaweed scrub. Seaweed stimulates circulation and removes toxins assisting with the reduction of cellulite. I don’t have seaweed readily available at home so I continued my search of other natural ingredients that will help with this dreadful cellulite. Then I finally came across an ingredient I already had at home, in fact it’s a necessity for me in the morning. Yes, that’s right…great ol’ COFFEE! There’s nothing like a good cup of joe in the morning; what I did not know is that it also reduces the appearance of cellulite. Oh Yeah!

Here’s the breakdown. Coffee is high in antioxidant and caffeine which dilates blood vessels and releases toxins, temporarily toning and tightening tissue. Along with this, it also increases circulation and reduces water retention, all of which reduces the appearance of cellulite.

How to use it in your beauty regimen: You can use it in a scrub. It is easier to apply and the added moisturizing benefit to the skin doesn’t hurt. I found this DIY coffee scrub on Fashion Indie that I’ll be using and will be substituting the jojoba oil with olive oil (I don’t have jojoba).

Although, I wish I found the holy grail of getting rid of cellulite it’s just a short term fix. A balance diet and exercise adds to long term effect and something I will work on. While I work on that, I’m going to use the coffee scrub in the interim and will report back on how this worked out on another post. Share your experience with the scrub or tips to getting rid of cellulite.