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Shea—the Butter that Does a Body Good




Shea—the Butter that Does a Body Good

Nachi Mason

I’m a huge proponent of using natural ingredients in my everyday life as well as in my soaps and creams. One of my favorite all-natural skin moisturizers is Shea Butter. Derived from the nuts of the karite tree grown in West and East Africa, shea butter has a wide variety of applications. It’s most commonly used as a moisturizing ingredient for skin and hair in many cosmetics, such as body creams and conditioners, but it’s just as beneficial on its own.

Shea butter may have a firm consistency (think of dairy butter right out of the fridge) but it melts to the touch, and a little goes a long way.  To make it easier to apply to the skin I whip the shea butter to give it a smooth buttery consistency. During my pregnancies, I would rub a mixture of Shea butter and vitamin E oil to lubricate my growing belly. However, I would go overboard and end up with a very shiny and greasy belly. Needless to say, my nightshirts were a mess, but my skin thanked me for it. Here’s a simple recipe for you to use.

Whipped Shea Butter

  • 8 oz. of Shea butter (100% pure)
  • 1.5 0z olive oil
  • 0.5 oz. vitamin e oil

Directions: Take a hand blender and whip the combination until you get a nice soft butter-like consistency. If the mixture is too hard to blend then soften it by warming it up a bit. You can adjust the recipe to your liking and substitute the vitamin e oil and olive oil with any other liquid oil of your choosing.