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Root Chakra

Nachi Mason


The centers of our spiritual powers lies within our chakras. The first chakra that sets our foundation is the Muladhara Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra.It’s located in the base of your spine, around the tailbone area and is associated with emotional issues around survival. Root chakras that’s out of balance can manifest into diseases in the colon, bladder and even cause physical ailments such as lower back pain. As a single mother working full time, everyday life can essentially throw me off balance and dull my chakras. It’s not surprising that I’m currently suffering from lower back pain and realizing that I need to focus within. One way of cleansing your chakra is through meditation to begin balancing your centers. If you're beginning with meditation or trying to get back to it, like myself, you can set the mood with adding essential oils to your diffuser that benefits in cleansing the root chakra, such as ginger, rosemary or sandalwood.