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Happy New Year!

Nachi Mason

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The start of a new year brings reflection and goal setting to start anew. We start fresh with a clean slate. I'm always excited about starting all over. I started going through my cleansing ritual early in December. I joined an "I am prepared" Facebook group for women created by Neffi Walker, an interior designer I follow on Instagram. It's meant to be a safe place for women who are going through transformation in their life to share and encourage other like women. It was comforting to know that I wasn't alone in the "struggle" and that we were all in the throws of our life lessons and that we all wanted the same goal of being a better version of ourselves.  It was beautiful to see women encouraging and supporting others going through the transformation and affirming the greatness that we all are and trusting the process. I continue to purge into this new year because there's a lot of baggage I have to let go literally and figuratively. But I walk into 2018 knowing that it will be better than last year because I am better than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I will be better than today. So to kick off my New Year, I started a vision board, but this time I used Pinterest to capture what I want in my life.

I like the process of putting imagery and quotes/affirmations together but didn't want to go through buying tons of magazine and cutting them up. This is a much easier process (and cleaner) for me, especially now that Pinterest allows you to organize your boards.  I've organized my board into four areas that I wanted to focus on: family/home, spiritual growth, business building and abundance. It's a work in progress and I will periodically pin ideas and inspiration that reflects what I want in my life. 

Are you on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Let's connect to discuss how you're making this a great year.